Saturday, January 26, 2008


The blurb at the back of the cover reads.."A witty, romantic and very dangerous love story about chance meetings, instant attractions and casual betrayals.CLOSER..."
I've not seen a film as candid as this.Quite an unusual film, about people, walking in and out of each others lives.It takes the viewer some time to warm up to the film, as it starts off as abruptly it ends. So there are no explanations or flashbacks about the characters, its just meant to be like you've known them forever.There are too many jumps in time.Just four principle characters entangled in each others web of life, no sub-plots, not too mushy,the film is quite straightforward. The film is a little of everything- Dumb.Erotic.Romantic.Funny.Chaotic.Strange.

Of the four actors, Natalie Portman as the stripper does a really good job.She's beautiful, especially in the closing scene. Clive Owen as the desperate dermatologist is good.Jude Law as the aspiring writer and Julia Roberts as the Photographer just look too constipated.Director Mike Nichols honest take on relationships,love,infidelity makes for quite a watch.

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