Sunday, February 3, 2008

khoya khoya chand

Sudhir Mishra's tribute to the golden era of Hindi cinema falls short of becoming a classic. Only if he wasn't too lost trying to re-create the era(which he does brilliantly.), and concentrated on the screenplay.

The film follows the (so called) turbulent relationship of Nikhat(Soha Ali khan) and Zafar(Shiney Ahuja). Of how the aspiring actress Nikhat is saved from the manipulative superstar Prem kumar (Rajat Kapoor) by upcoming writer Zafar, and how in the meanwhile they fall in love.Of how Nikhat begins trusting Zafar, and how their relationship grows, goes through ups and downs, is what forms the story. There are lots of references made, mostly noticeable are the one's made to actors of 50's.
The film is interspersed with some really brilliant photography by Sachin Krishn, but only if it had a brilliant story supporting it.Every little detail in the film-from the costumes to the hair do's to the sets or even Ameen Sayani's voice on the radio played in the background, seem to be painstakingly done, but only if it wasn't for the characters meandering and mouthing vague dialogues of which even they are not fully convinced of. Shantanu Moitra's music is good, but nothing memorable, barring a couple of songs. Especially the title track, thirak thirak..and o re paakhi..
Soha Ali khan does a good job, in parts, especially in the first half. But she just isn't convincing as the fading star, who takes up to alcohol in the later parts.Shiney Ahuja is ok.Its the supporting cast, which does a better job. Especially Sonya Jehan as the fading starlet. Or even Vinay Pathak as Zafar's friend, who gets him to write for a film.
The film captures all the little nuances of a bygone era, beautifully. Of how movies were made then,of the kind people in the film industry, the stars and the mysterious lives etc. The movie isn't too bad, but not that good either.

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