Saturday, January 5, 2008

The Man and his music...

They call him by different names-all hailing him sky-high as the greatest composer of India!
His style, the various nuances he employs to whistle in a freshness, the numerous new voices he introduces to bring in a hitherto unknown variety and vibrancy-every little aspect of his music makes him one great beam of inspiration to anyone!

Who else can make your smile take a deeper curve?
Or evoke that single secret tear vent out all the grief that lay hidden within you?
Where else does genius and repose come together?

Oh! The man! His music! A.R.Rahman! Ah! Uttering his name gets those secreted violin strings in your soul to start playing a lovely tune!

Be it any language, any banner-his music transcends barriers and transports us to a totally elevated plane! It is a 'high' that you experience, every cell in your body dance; your mind seems relieved of its worldly care!
The whole feeling of listening to his compositions bring random disconnected images to your mind- the first bloom of spring, a whiff of lemongrass, a burst of crackers, a stroke of paint on an empty canvas, paper boats on a puddle of water, the first smile of a baby, the elation of success, the gurgling sound of the brook, the chilling silence of a tomb, the darkness that is partner to death, the magical whirl of the cosmos!

Untainted by the vulgarity of the world!

The sudden background bursts of sounds in his music shows the intricate mesh he weaves to create the tapestry of the song! A pluck of strings, a beat of drums, a slow purring of wind in the throes of the flute... ah, to have been born during the times of this maestro is to be able to get short-lived tickets to utopia every once his music plays!

And to that man, who relentlessly continues to inspire us, lend meaning into his and our lives through his unblemished creations, here's wishing him all the happiness on his birthday!

May the force be with him!


Aravind said...


beautifully written!!

Happy Birthday, Rahman sir!!!!

legspace said...

no better first post :)

Karthik Murali said...

rahman is god.....

Ceruleus said...

Hmmm... have you heard the album, 'Taal' by Rehman. To say no would be blasphemy...